Who we are

  • CFWA is a network of networks formed in 2015 to:

–Share best practices for promoting diversity across financial service firms

–Conduct strategic programing aimed at increasing employee performance and business results across member firms

–Create stronger profession networks at all levels of women across Chicago’s financial services community

  • CFWA™ mission statement:

–To grow a strong pipeline of future female leaders for Chicago’s financial services industry

  • Value statement:

–Advance women to executive leadership positions in Chicago by promoting a diverse and inclusive culture, connectivity, collaboration and knowledge sharing across member firms

  • Founders:

–Maureen Dowling – Vice President, Pershing, a BNY Mellon Company; Robin Jordan – Director, Deutsche Asset and Wealth Management; Lisa An Wong – Director, BMO Wealth Management; Erin Davis – Vice President, DBRS Morningstar